This is future in technology which is growing to more industries but telling politicians who are still using decades old promises with technology much faster ahead than political jobs . Seeing this technology age moving faster building high speed rail European regional with technology skills moving fast to more industries but this word ROBOT will be used more in future growing to more industries coming but yes back in Australia telling politicians HAHA they are still talking with decades old political problems.

Talking to more technology experts yes all saying how this technology age moving faster building future how smartphone is going to be part of this change in jobs future . With many future cars will have more technology in car making driving more comfortable future .


With more high speed rail European regional using more technology age to build more industries coming and moving fast technology more people are using this technology age with smartphone getting more features to use for transport on the go and banking on the go. Looking at politicians 2019 still using decades old promises for political jobs not future jobs.

Back in Australia political promises are still decades old every election the promise for infrastructure high speed rail is decades old promises no high speed rail in regional Australia yet its time for regional Australia start with this technology in high speed rail not decades old promises from Canberra.

Hyundai Technology

Technology moving fast to driving cars more features even Samsung smartphone connected to Hyundai cars using Samsung smartphone you are able to check your Hyundai faster on the go. With more features in Hyundai cruise control is great for safe travel and the keyless as you approach your Hyundai to open door , great navigation with voice guide to your destination many more technology features 2019. Great sensors on front & back for good security and reverse camera for parking.


Samsung S10 rolling fast to market with more tech features for everyday NFC is future for more smartphone for travel and banking but using my own cloud service for good security and save important documents also great communication using Samung S10 . With high speed rail rolling on track for the future with technology fast on track using high speed rail to regional Europe and great EUROSTAR to LONDON

Yes technology is growing to more industries future but political words 2019 are still decade behind with still decade old promises talking to more people can see how digital is future not political words . Technology building to future with building high speed rail and putting smart phone to action for easy travel also using smart watch like samsung watch for banking . Using my own cloud service is easy set up for communication save documents great security is Number 1 .


High speed rail European

High speed rail is and will grow fast transport future in more countries with technology is growing fast in more industries digital on the go is growing more skills to many industries. Its great seeing how technology is moving to more in railway for more choices in transport. But looking how politicians in many countries are working its stunning how its decades to make decisions on future jobs not political jobs , its time now where politicians wake up on this technology age moving faster ask many people on this yes everyone saying technology is fast growing not politicians.

Its great getting digital on the go fast with Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet with more features in tablet in next 10years makes technology easy building of writing on tablets is future with more pen features coming .

Using cloud services is great but much better using my own cloud service is better for security and communication yes this is fast growing set up your own communication cloud services is much better for making digital on the go faster and better.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The new Samsung galaxy 10 smartphone coming 2019 with more features for more digital on the go with banking , travel & more everyday things no plastic cards in future easy to use to book holiday and airfare on the go . Now more cities changing with the use of smartphone as your ticket for railway travel . The NFC in smartphone will be used for more things in this fast digital age on the go. Its looking more people see that tech is coming to many industries so its time politics also gets with how jobs are heading to future .



Tech Moving more 2019

Technology moving fast more industries changing to digital age high speed rail is growing in more countries. More people using smartphones & tablets easy digital on the go like drone taxi flying is coming fast next 10yrs in transport future but politicians have to start talking more on technology changing future in more industries like robots are on the cards but telling politicians HAHA. Looking at 2019 happy New Year to everyone .

Tech Growth future

Technology is moving fast with skills are the future fast growing talking to more people on this digital age growth everyone know that industries will be changing to technology age but to many politicians are living in past saying decade old political words for political jobs. High speed rail growing to more countries for future transport a long with drones are Being fast building to future in transport but back in Australia politicians only use decade old political words for one job political jobs.  Its great seeing more industries looking at technology skills for future & which countries moving to DIGITAL world in jobs not POLITICAL job’s easy to see the huge growth in digital in decade’s to come .

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Digital Cloud Service

Technology is and will be future in more jobs not political jobs seeing more industries will future changing the way to operate in digital world. Cloud services is great in future technology but using my own cloud service is great security & communication no need for paying for cloud service when setting up my own cloud service . More technology skills moving fast to future transport Drones are future in driving & high speed rail is also technology future in fast travel easy to see which industries looking fast at future technology except politicians who take years to decide on the decision making when politicians to busy arguing.

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High speed rail is moving fast in this technology age moving to future fast transportation more industries follow to this technology age how digital skills are here moving fast to where technology age is . But politicians have to start talking on this change in world technology jobs unfortunate that to many politicians are not telling voters future jobs changing . Its like my own cloud service which is great for security and communication running your own cloud digital is telling big companies that the future skills digital is growing freelance .

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