Growing Age Digital future

Looking at technology future now to more industries changing way operate in digital age with skills moving fast for future with high speed rail in regional Europe is great to see how regional can be reached in high speed rail like fast digital age . See more to come to smartphones next 10yrs where more can be used with smartphones banking is major changes & using NFC on smartphones will be used to travel more used in many countries but its going fast where many companies are saying digital age growing but Politicians have to start saying how jobs changing in technology age but eg: Australia political words decade old no where near this change digital.

skills in digital using my  own cloud service i am putting more in my own cloud service  for security reason making digital on the go easy everyday job on the go. Security is very important in using the internet using VPN on smartphones is must for security . Easy to see how driverless trains will be future give a 20yrs before its spreading but yes technology is even growth in factories with robots . One job could be reduced  is politicians job with digital vote YES for that . I can guarantee digital age growing faster than political jobs .

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